Results - League Cup

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
1 Mill Lane Tables Mutford Wasps Mutford Arrows
2 Waveney Sidewaves Mill Lane Black Clapham Rockets
3 LCC Shakers Waveney Blinders Waveney Hits
4 Mutford Eagles Mutford Merlins Clapham Sparrows
5 Waveney Academy Clapham Prime Clapham Critters
6 Waveney Dominators Waveney Lions
Fixtures W/C Matches
League Cup Week 1 11/09/17 1 v 2 3 v 4 5 v 6
League Cup Week 2 18/09/17 2 v 3 4 v 5 6 v 1
League Cup Week 3 25/09/17 4 v 2 5 v 1 3 v 6
League Cup Week 4 02/10/17 1 v 4 5 v 3 6 v 2
League Cup Week 5 09/10/17 3 v 1 2 v 5 4 v 6

The winning team and second placed from each group progresses to the Quarter Finals along with the two third placed teams from groups one and two. In the event of a draw placed teams are calculated by the matches won then sets and then points won.

The Quarter Finals are to be arranged by the home team. Semi Finals include pre-arranged dates at Waveney Centre.

Group 1 Played Matches Sets

Group 2 Played Matches Sets

Group 3 Played Matches Sets

Date Venue Round Home Away
Wed 20th Dec Waterlane Leisure Centre QF Waveney Sidewaves 7 V Clapham Sparrows 2 Details
Wed 20th Dec Mill Lane Community Centre QF Mill Lane Tables 4 V Waveney Lions 5 Details
Thu 21st Dec Clapham Road Club QF Clapham Rockets 5 V Mutford Wasps 4 Details
Fri 22nd Dec Mill Lane Community Centre QF Mill Lane Black 6 V Mutford Eagles 3 Details
Wed 28th Mar Waterlane Leisure Centre SF Waveney Lions V Clapham Rockets
Wed 28th Mar Waterlane Leisure Centre SF Waveney Sidewaves V Mill Lane Black
Wed 18th Apr Waterlane Leisure Centre F TBC V TBC
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