Results - Blue Riband

There will be a 1st Division Blue Riband competition for the 2017/18 season. The rules are as follows:

  • Each game is three sets of 11-up
  • Teams receive 1 point for each set and all three sets have to played.
  • 3 pts. will be awarded to the winning team during the group phase.
  • Any tie on points will be decided by set difference.
  • If a team is unable to complete a fixture the opposition will be awarded 3 pts. and +9 set difference for the tie.
  • No player will play more than 3 consecutive games.
  • Any player that is scheduled to play 3 consecutive games will have a drinks break in the middle.
  • You must have 3 players on the night and 2nd Div / Cadet players can be called up if required but will be cup-tied for this competition.
  • The first and second placed teams from each group will advance to the Semi Finals.
Group One Group Two
1 Mill Lane Tables Waveney Sidewaves
2 Mutford Arrows Mill Lane Black
3 Clapham Rockets Mufford Wasps

Group 1 P W L Pts Sets +/-

Group 2 P W L Pts Sets +/-

Date Venue Round Home Away
Thu 15th Mar Clapham Road Club SF Clapham Rockets 22 V Mutford Wasps 5 Details
Thu 15th Mar Clapham Road Club SF Waveney Sidewaves 11 V Mutford Arrows 16 Details
Thu 19th Apr Clapham Road Club F Mutford Arrows 19 V Clapham Rockets 8 Details
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